• Investment Management

    TCS Group Holding PLC is an innovative provider of online retail financial services operating in Russia through a high-tech branchless platform.

  • Operating Segments

    It operates through the following segments: Retail Banking, SME Accounts Services, and Insurance Operations.

  • Insurance Operations

    The Insurance Operations segment refers to the insurance services provided to individuals.

Our Company’s Business Model At A Glance

The Group is an innovative provider of online retail financial services operating in Russia through a high-tech low cost platform. We refer to this as the ‘Tinkoff Business Model’.

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History: A Story Of Innovative Development


The Company, then named Egidaco Investments Limited was incorporated in Cyprus on 31 December 1999; it is an investment vehicle for serial entrepreneur Mr Oleg Tinkov to explore business opportunities primarily in the Russian Federation. When new investors later invested in the Company, its name and status was changed to PLC in November 2008, becoming ‘Egidaco Investments PLC’. With the growth and recognition of the Company’s business in Russia under the brand Tinkoff Credit Systems, the Company renamed itself in September 2013, adopting its current name ‘TCS Group Holding PLC’. The name "Tinkoff" is associated with Mr Tinkov's well-known entrepreneurial activity that has launched a number of successful businesses and brands in Russia.

The Company has attracted well over USD 1 billion of foreign investment over its life for capital investment into Russia. In 2013 the Company was admitted to listing on the Main Market of the London Stock Exchange. The volume of quoted shares is over 50%. The Company’s business is managed by its Board of Directors; matters reserved to its competence under the Company’s constitution include strategic issues like the annual budget, changes to the Group’s capital structure and listed status, major capital projects, investments and contracts across the Group, launching or closing businesses, expansion into new geographic areas, dividends, risk management processes and insurance cover.

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